Livingston County’s voice in Congress says that the ingredients for a deal to end the partial government shutdown are in place, but that the White House needs to be willing to compromise.

Speaking Sunday on Fox News, 8th District Democratic Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin said a deal is possible now.
"We have the basis of a deal, right? Both sides say they care about border security, they believe in national security. Start having a real negotiation about border security, border forces, more technology at the border, fencing if we need it in some areas. It doesn't just have to be a wall. That's the essence of a negotiation so I think we can start now if people really care about getting something done."

Slotkin also said that while the “tenor and tone” that President Trump has set is “unbecoming of the country that I love,” if the Democratic Party remains solely focused on being anti-Trump and not legislating, (quote) “we’re not doing our job.” (JK)