Livingston County’s voice in Congress is pushing for federal investment in roads and water infrastructure to accomplish the hard work of repairing these systems to last.

U.S. Representative Elissa Slotkin testified before the U.S. House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Wednesday citing the poor state of Michigan’s roads, lead and PFAS contamination while stressing the need to consider Michigan’s water infrastructure challenges in infrastructure funding legislation. The Holly Democrat noted that infrastructure, particularly when it comes to the state of Michigan’s roads, is one of the most critical and bi-partisan issues in the 8th District and across the state. Slotkin urged the committee to act, saying addressing roads and bridges literally just scratches the surface of the infrastructure challenges facing Michigan. She further noted the state’s water infrastructure, saying there are contaminated systems with corroded pipes directly threatening the safety and security of families.

In addition to lead, Slotkin highlighted the PFAS contamination problem. She says in Michigan and other Midwestern industrial states, high levels of PFAS have been detected in thousands of sites including 34 in the 8th District, including five schools. She says everyone needs to start thinking of environmental security the way they think of homeland security. When it comes to crumbling roads, Slotkin said drivers pay $539 per year on average to repair vehicles due to the state them. She noted 38% of urban roads are in poor condition and roughly one-third of fatal traffic crashes are the result of hazardous roadways and potholes. Finally, Slotkin said out of 901 bridges in the 8th District, 115 or every 1 out of 9 bridges are classified as structurally deficit.

Slotkin closed by asking Committee and senior leadership in Washington to consider Michigan as they undergo work moving forward, saying residents in the 8th District are counting on them. Slotkin urged everyone on the committee to do more than the last Congress and stressed the need to clearly explain how to pay for infrastructure funding. She says having another bill that doesn’t explain the clear payment means they have abrogated responsibility as a Congress. A link to a video of Slotkin's full testimony is provided. (JM)