Northfield Township residents and property owners are being reminded about storm clean-up and sidewalk maintenance.

An electronic newsletter issued by the township states that the severe storms that came through a few weeks ago really did a number on the community and since then, they’ve received several calls about the downed trees and branches that have remained. DTE and Consumers Energy reported about 800,000 residential and business customers were without power for extended periods due to the storms that hit in two waves - the first on Friday, July 19th and the second on Saturday, the 20th. Northfield Township says it does not have a Public Works Department, thus does not have the capacity to assist in clean-up efforts. Officials say sidewalks that are blocked due to branches and other debris are to be cleared by the property owner per the township’s Sidewalk Maintenance Ordinance. The township Code Enforcement Officer has been in contact with several property owners regarding clean-up. For those with debris due to electrical line repair, officials say they’ve been in contact with DTE about several of the limbs that were left behind. According to their policy , DTE is only responsible for restoring power and clearing the hazardous part of the tree off the equipment. All debris and wood is to be left on site and is to be taken care of by the property owner.

Officials say they understand clean-up efforts can create a strain both physically and financially on some residents and while the township is unable to assist directly in the clean-up efforts, they may be able to direct residents to groups or other residents that are able to help. Anyone in need of assistance is asked to contact the township office. More information on the various policies is available through the link. (JM)