A local organization dedicated to restoring and preserving a Word War II-era bomber will be hosting a fundraising event this weekend.

The Warbirds of Glory Museum will hold the event at the Livingston County Airport in Howell Township this Saturday, April 27th from 6-9pm. The public is invited to come and tour the progress of the Sandbar Mitchell, the group’s WWII B-25 bomber restoration that will include sections of the actual aircraft as well as exhibits and displays. In addition to viewing artifacts and memorabilia from that era, there will also be a special ceremony honoring the crew of a B-25 shot down over Italy.

The fundraising showcase will highlight the Kittyhawk Academy, a youth mentorship program that encourages Michigan youth to consider skilled trades as a career and to prepare them for accredited trades school and certification. The casual-dress evening will include a strolling dinner, along with raffles and silent actions as well as other options to help fund scholarships and the Student Tool Reward fund. Get details through the link below. (JK)