Livingston County’s top cop has words for those stealing and vandalizing political yard signs; "knock it off."

Livingston County Sheriff Mike Murphy took to Facebook Monday to speak on the issue, saying that while everyone has a right to speak their mind and advocate for their candidate, they don’t have a right to destroy campaign materials for candidates or issues they disagree with. "That's stooping to a new low, so I'm appealing to your sense of humanity, quite frankly, and just asking that if you're involved in this stuff, 'knock it off.' If we do catch you, we will prosecute you."

One candidate that has spoken up about such vandalism is State Representative Lana Theis, who is running for the Republican nomination to the 22nd State Senate seat. According to a message on her campaign’s Facebook page, someone is stealing their 4x8 foot signs or cutting them down on a daily basis, adding that they are working with the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office and “encourage all campaigns and county parties to encourage people not to participate in this type of behavior.”

Sheriff Murphy also noted that these signs are on private property and offenders could also face trespassing charges. (JK)