Jessica Mathews /

For the second time in less than a month, a South Lyon high school was put on lockdown as deputies with the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office were called to investigate a threat to shoot up the school.

The threat, which was discovered at South Lyon High School at approximately 2pm Tuesday, was investigated and deemed to be non-credible. Sheriff’s Deputies searched all the classrooms in the school located at 1000 N. Lafayette in Lyon Township.

The threat was written on a second-floor bathroom wall and claimed someone was “Gonna shoot the school up today.” School administrators and the Sheriff’s Office agreed to place the school in lockdown. Students were released from the building after their room was searched for weapons and cleared.

Sheriff Michael Bouchard said the threat will be vigorously investigated and any responsible person will be held accountable. Even if the threat is deemed non-credible, Bouchard reminded that it is still a crime that spreads fear, and they will seek all applicable charges. He again encouraged parents to talk to their children.

On October 4th at South Lyon East High School, a similar threat was made that ultimately closed the school. A 15-year-old sophomore claimed a person had a weapon and was going to shoot up the school. The student wrote the threat and then reported it to school administrators. The student was taken into custody after he met with school officials and then with Detectives, admitting his role. He was charged with threatening to commit violence with a firearm, explosive or other dangerous weapon against students or staff on school property.

School officials suspended the student and said they will seek to expel him. He was ordered confined to his Wixom home. He must wear an electronic tether, is prohibited from using social media and his internet use is to be monitored by his parents. His case is pending in Juvenile Court.