The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents and businesses that a phone scam is circulating in which the source claims to be with DTE Energy and is seeking payment.

A Facebook post from the Sheriff’s Office states that it has received reports of a phone scam that has reemerged. A local business reported that they received a robo call from a source that identified themselves as DTE Energy. The message indicated that a crew was on their way to shut off power due to an outstanding balance and provided a call back number for payment.

Customers that call the provided number back are usually directed to send a payment through Bitcoin or via prepaid visa card. DTE, however, does not ask for specific forms of payment.

The Sheriff’s Office is reminding the community to not trust Caller ID as phone numbers can be spoofed, and to always confirm through the company that they are who they say they are. A phone number can typically be found on an old billing statement. Finally, the Sheriff’s Office asks that anyone who feels they are being targeted in a scam contact their local law enforcement agency. (DK)