By Mike Kruzman /

Livingston County officials have authorized the replacement of in-car video systems for the Sheriff’s Office.

At their online meeting last week, the Livingston County Board of Commissioners authorized the purchase the systems which will replace the current ones which Lt. Eric Sanborn said, in a memo, are obsolete, inefficient and antiquated. He wrote to commissioners that the hardware is no longer supported and the technology of their current vendor has not kept up with their needs.

Last year, the board approved interview room upgrades at the Sheriff’s Office, selecting Axon as their vendor for digital recording and cloud storage. This was done with the intent of potentially expanding and integrating with their vehicle needs, which they doing with Axon. This request was originally targeted for the 2020 budget, but due to its larger scale, was pushed to a capital improvement project for the fiscal year 2021 budget. Acting now allowed for the county to lock in 2020 pricing with Axon.

The 5 year project will ultimately cost $282,774.44. The initial year-one payment will be $69,992.92 for the in-car video cameras. Years 2 through 5 will come in at $53,193.63. County IT has been consulted throughout the process and has given their approval.