By Mike Kruzman /

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office is on track to get a bump in purchasing power to help further needed improvements to their building.

A series of projects that will result in renovations to the Sheriff’s Office and Livingston County Jail are in the pipeline. Phase one of the multi-phase project will see a reworking of the entry lobby and reception space.

Working with the Sheriff has been the architectural and design firm, Lindhout Associates. Chris Folts, Director of Facility Services for Livingston County and Sheriff Mike Murphy were before the County Public Safety and Infrastructure and Development Committee, Monday afternoon. They were requesting an increase in the authorizing issuance of the purchase order with Lindhout. Folts said that when the project, County Administrator Nathan Burd had been authorized to approve up to $25,000 for it, but they are rapidly approaching that number with work still to be done. Folts and Murphy asked that the authorization to approve be increased to $38,000, and shared with Commissioners all the work that has already gone into it. On top of the architectural plans, they helped write the RFP and wrote the contract.

Folts added that in conversations with Lindhout, they feel comfortable in the new amount. The four-member committee unanimously approved the request which will now advance to the Finance Committee and full Board of Commissioners.