By Mike Kruzman /

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office is seeking a budget amendment that would help make available the remainder of awarded coronavirus grant funding.

In 2020, closer to the onset of the pandemic, the Sheriff’s Office was awarded $166,492 from a Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding Grant through the Michigan State Police. Undersheriff Jason Pless told the County Courts, Public Safety, and Infrastructure and Development Committee, this week, that the period of the grant has been revised numerous times, but the previous resolution did not authorize a budget amendment.

The Sheriff’s Office still has $22,253 available to them. Pless told committee members how the money the funding has been largely used for personal protective equipment, cleaning supplies, and for needed computer expenses, like Zoom subscriptions.

Pless was asking on behalf of the Sheriff’s Office for a budget amendment that will allow them to carry out the remaining scope. They are asking for the extension of the grant term to June 30th of this year. Should it need to be continued past that date, it would require the authorization of the Board of Commissioners.

The committee approved the resolution 4-0, and it will now go to the full board for final consideration.