By Mike Kruzman /

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the purchase of a new scanner that will help in preventing contraband from getting into the jail.

Lt. Brad Fetner brought a request for the purchase of a new full body scanner to the County’s Public Safety and Infrastructure and Development Committee earlier this week. The Sheriff’s Office went through the bidding process for such a device and had 5 proposals from reputable vendors returned. Fetner said they have chosen the Soter brand for several reasons. Soter offered the best technical and maintenance report, has the smallest radiation footprint, and their scanner has a 5K picture resolution. This is greater than other scanners and gives staff the best chance at recognizing and intercepting weapons, drugs and other contraband from getting inside the facility.

Fetner said this will speed up the process of transporting inmates and even provide another avenue for non-inmates entering the jail who might not want to be subjected to a pat down.

Fetner said that the full body scanner will greatly reduce liability and security concerns.

In a memo to the Board of Commissioners he explains that the Washtenaw County Jail has used this scanner for the past few years and is extremely satisfied with it.

The device costs $137,500 and was approved for $125,000 as a fiscal year 2020 Capital project. Fetner requested that the funds be transferred to the 2021 budget with the remaining amount coming from capital funds. The resolution passed unanimously through the committee and will now go before the full County Board.