By Mike Kruzman /

As the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office continues its Deputy Assigned Vehicles Program, the next round of needed equipment is being sought.

Earlier this year, the Board of Commissioners approved the program which is seeing the Sheriff’s Office’s patrol car fleet being increased so that vehicles can be assigned to deputies and taken home, as opposed to sharing vehicles. This promotes a safer driving environment during the pandemic, greater visibility in home neighborhoods, and smoother shift changes. Lt. Eric Sanborn was before the Public Safety and Infrastructure and Development Committee to ask for the purchase of additional in-car cameras for the next round of vehicles purchased.

Sanborn said there was a benefit to getting this purchase approved sooner rather than later in that they can get 2021 pricing locked in for 2022 if the official quote gets signed as soon as possible.

Sanborn wrote in a memo to Commissioners that they are requesting 6 additional video systems. He notes that this is an approved 5-year project, with the initial year one purchase of approximately $40,000 coming from the FY 2022 general fund Sheriff’s Office approved budget for the cameras. The total project cost is estimated to fall just under $56,000. Sanborn said they have received approval from County IT for the plan, and Civil Counsel has approved the agreement with AXON.

The Board of Commissioners further vetted the request during their Finance Committee meeting before approving it as part of the consent agenda during their full Board meeting that followed.