The dreaded winter driving season has arrived once again, and while we’ll get a bit of a reprieve for the next few days with above-freezing temperatures, local officials say just because there might not be any snow, doesn’t mean that roads aren’t slippery.

Livingston County Sheriff Mike Murphy says they want people to make it to their destinations safely but also recognize that there will inevitably be accidents and crashes. He says it’s important to be prepared, avoid distractions and pay attention to driving. He says while most Michiganders might be familiar with black ice, they often times forget about it too. Murphy advises that motorists use extra care and caution this winter season, leave extra room for vehicles in front of you and allow plenty of time to stop when approaching stop signs and traffic lights.

In the event of an accident or crash, Murphy suggests motorists keep some things in their vehicle such as a flashlight, fresh batteries, a blanket or jacket, granola bars, kitty litter and a shovel. He further advises keeping the gas tank at least half full. Murphy says it’s not uncommon if they have a crash that people could be sitting and waiting awhile for a tow truck - especially if no one is injured or only minor injuries are involved. (JM)