The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office has developed a free program to help parents and kids realize the risks children face when being online. Summer vacation is fast approaching and with it comes more free time for children to be online. The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office, along with Wizer Training, have officially launched an online program that provides resources and tips for keeping kids safe when on their electronic devices.

Whether they are gaming, texting, surfing YouTube, or on a social media website, six videos and a series of talking points will help start the conversation. Knowing attention spans can sometimes be short, the videos were developed with this in mind- short and succinct, but full of useful information. Sheriff Mike Murphy says that there are one million cases a year where children’s identities get stolen online, and those are just the ones they know about. In response to this, there are videos explaining why hackers target kids, why they love social media logins, and how to avoid getting hacked. There is even a video for how to talk your child about sexting, as 1 in 4 teenagers admit to having done it. Also included are 10 questions to ask your child about cyber security that touch on topics like dealing with strangers on social media sites and what to do if they think they are being hacked or scammed.

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