By Jessica Mathews/

A scam involving social security numbers is making the rounds throughout Livingston County.

The Livingston County Sheriff’s Office took a couple of reports on Friday about scams involving the Social Security Administrative Office. Callers state that there’s a warrant out for a person’s arrest and their social security number has been compromised or breached and is being used for illegal or criminal activity. One of the calls, presumably a robocall, transfers people around, eventually to a supposed DEA agent who says the number has been used in crimes and requests gift cards be sent to take care of things.

Sheriff Mike Murphy says those behind the scams usually target more vulnerable and trusting individuals, which tends to be the aging population, but even younger people fall for the scams. He tells WHMI out of their two reports, one person realized it was a scam and didn’t fall for it but a 25-year-old did and sent out a $500 gift card. He says some of the scammers can be pretty convincing, adding good people don’t want to get in trouble so they end up falling for them.

Murphy said it seems like every time people get used to one scam, the scammers will put a little twist on it or they bring back old ones that people might have forgotten about. He reminds to never give out any personal or financial information over the phone and don’t wire or send any money or gift cards.

If there’s a legitimate warrant issued for someone, Murphy says correspondence from the court will be received or a deputy will show up. He commented further that with tax season here, he expects they’ll start seeing an uptick in IRS scams.