By Mike Kruzman /

A seasonal homeless shelter is seeking volunteers.

On any given day in Livingston County, there is an average of 111 homeless people. The Severe Weather Network is a non-profit organization that provides a warm, safe refuge for Livingston County adults experiencing homelessness. They have opened their doors at Chilson Hills Baptist Church for the late fall and winter season, and will be welcoming guests through April 30th.

On top of providing a place to sleep, the SWN provides complimentary transportation through the Livingston Essential Transportation Service, a hot dinner, breakfast, showers, and laundry. They also provide resources to help individuals transition into employment and permanent housing.

However, to operate successfully, the SWN is in need of 5 to 8 volunteers nightly. Volunteers are needed for tasks like preparing meals, serving meals, registering guests, cleaning bedding, and chaperoning during overnight hours. Co-chair Diane Duncan said that they working closely with the Livingston County Health Department to ensure everyone’s safety during the pandemic. The shelter has taken measures and enacted protocols that include a mask mandate and the testing of unvaccinated quests twice a week. All who volunteer and interact with guests, including SWN staff and board members, are required to be vaccinated.

For more information, or to register as a volunteer, visit