Several appointments and reappointments have been made to governing boards and commissions in Green Oak Township.

At a recent meeting of the township’s Board of Trustees, Supervisor Mark St. Charles recommended Todd Krebs from the municipality’s Zoning Board of Appeals be reappointed to a three-year term. He also recommended that Brian Townsley, who currently serves on the township’s Building Authority, be appointed to another three-year term. Ken Dickinson was also reappointed to the Compensation Commission.

As for the Fonda, Island, Briggs (FIB) Water Authority, St. Charles said he wanted to volunteer but instead asked Board Trustee Dan Rainko in order to avoid any issues. St. Charles is Chairperson of the Livingston County Water Authority (LCWA) and has been involved with it since 1996. He said serving on both the FIB and LCWA could be a conflict of interest. As a result, Rainko was appointed to a three-year term.

A motion to approve the appointments was passed by the Board of Trustees at their last meeting. (DK)