Green Oak Township officials are deciding what, if any, road projects they'd like to participate in as proposed by the Livingston County Road Commission.

The township’s Board of Trustees met Wednesday and discussed several potential gravel road improvement projects for the 2019 construction season. Three projects have been proposed in which the Road Commission would cover all costs related to drainage improvements, tree clearing and the installation of the road material, while the township would be responsible for covering the cost of furnishing and delivery of the material.

The suggested projects include limestone resurfacing from Eight Mile to Nine Mile on Rushton Road, and limestone or gravel resurfacing for Tuthill Road from Fairlane to Marshall Roads. During their discussion, township trustees agreed that Tuthill Road is due for some type of work; though have yet to decide whether limestone or gravel resurfacing would be more appropriate.

The Rushton Road project, however, did not appear to receive much support from anyone on the board. Township Supervisor Mark St. Charles says Rushton Road had work done just six or so years ago and that, until its drainage issues are solved, it doesn’t make sense to keep putting money into that road when everything keeps washing away. St. Charles also notes that a Planned Unit Development along Rushton Road calls for the road to be paved and therefore it would be unnecessary for the township to do graveling work at this time.

Board members also came up with a road that the Road Commission had not proposed improvements for. Several trustees felt McCabe Road could use graveling work due to its significant traffic volume and St. Charles said he’d communicate that to the Road Commission to see if that was a possibility. A decision on participating in the projects was postponed pending that discussion. (DK)