By Mike Kruzman /

To help residents and promote the safety of the public and staff alike, Livingston County is suspending transaction fees for many online payments.

All enhanced access fees for Livingston Live transactions processed through Webtecs, Inc. are now suspended until March 31st. The County Board of Commissioners approved the request by County Treasurer Jennifer Nash during their latest online meeting. Webtecs is the vendor for many high demand services that carry a scaling online transaction fee schedule that tops out at 3% for payments of $250 or more.

Residents can now make the following payments online without those fees: Circuit, District, and Juvenile court record look up and payments; delinquent tax/property look up and payments; dog licensing; Register of Deeds record look ups; and County Clerk vital records look ups.

Nash said the goal right now is reduce foot traffic in county buildings where possible. She said she hears the customers when they come in to make a payment and that there is no doubt in her head that by eliminating that fee they will increase their web traffic.

These service fees normally go as revenue to the County IT fund to help offset credit card processing fees. Nash said their temporary elimination will result in roughly $12,000 a month in lost revenue. IT Director Kristopher Tobbe said he recognizes they’ll take a hit, but he supports the motion. County Deputy Administrator Cindy Catanach informed that they have the capacity to transfer dollars from the general fund that aren’t COVID-dollars, but are freed up because of the result of the pandemic.

The Board will revisit the suspension of fees closer to March 31st to re-evaluate the need at that time.