Jessica Mathews /

Fundraising efforts are continuing to help a family in need by purchasing an accessible van for their son who suffers from a rare disorder.

Mike Belcher passed away unexpectedly from a massive heart attack in August. He was the primary financial provider for his family and leaves behind his wife, Belinda of 30 years, a daughter, and two sons. One of his sons, 21-year-old Cameron, was born with an extremely rare chromosomal disorder called Ring 14. It’s a genetic disorder caused by a mutation in the 14th chromosome.

As a result, Cameron experiences multiple debilitating seizures per day, as it is a physical, mental and intellectual disability. He needs 24-hour care and cannot be left alone. His mother is now his main caregiver. Before the family's sudden loss, Mike was said to be the muscle of the home and lift Cameron as needed while Belinda facilitated the remainder of his care.

Family and friends have since come together to help make the home more handicap-accessible for Cameron, but there’s another hurdle to overcome and that’s where a local car dealership is stepping up.

Belcher was a longtime Serra Automotive Brighton customer and the dealership is matching up to $12,000 of the funds raised toward getting the Belchers the much-needed accessible van. They’re currently at the halfway mark of reaching their match goal.

More information and a link to donate are available in the provided link.