This week is Senior Survivor Week at Brighton High School. The charity fundraising campaign for the week this year is “Fund A Life”, a cause founded by BHS soccer coach Mark Howell. Brooke Warren, the Brighton High School senior class president and the school’s representative on the Brighton Board of Education, tells WHMI that eight survivor teams will be going out this week to ask the public and local businesses for donations for the Fund A Life program. The program focuses on families undergoing major life-changing circumstances.

Fund A Life raises funds through various community events and campaigns, many championed by volunteers. According to the Livingston Post, the organization has granted over $60,000 for critical health diagnoses, dangerous living conditions, loss of bread-winning loved ones, and events that have left financial strain on families.

FAL will be hosting the 3rd Annual Fund a Life 5k and Yoga Event on July 13 at Brighton High School. Last year over 300 participants raised over $24,000 for the cause. Those interested in upcoming events and ways to support can find more information at (TT)