By Mike Kruzman /

The public comment period is open for the document that will guide the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, or SEMCOG, over the next fiscal year.

The FY 2022-2023 Work Program for Southeast Michigan serves as the basis for all SEMCOG work, including the planning work of transportation planning partners. It is a vital document that serves as the foundation for grant applications, interagency financial pass-through agreements, and SEMCOG’s Annual Operating Budget. According to a release, as the Work Program is implemented, many of the resulting products are guided by SEMCOG’s Executive Committee and/or General assembly.

A draft of the document is viewable here:

There are multiple ways to leave comment. Send comments by mail to SEMCOG’s Information Center, 1001 Woodward Avenue, Suite 1400, Detroit, MI 48226-1904.

Leave comment by phone at 313-324-3330, or by fax at 313-961-4869.

Send them by emailing

Comments can also be made at the Executive Committee meeting on February 25th. At that meeting, SEMCOG officials may take final action to approve the Work Program, which will go live on July 1st and run through June 30th, 2023.