By Mike Kruzman /

Public comment is being taken for the latest amendment to the pair of the Southeast Michigan Council of Government’s transportation plans.

SEMCOG is preparing their latest amendment to the Fiscal Year 2020-2023 Transportation Improvement Program, or TIP, and the 2045 Regional Transportation Plan, or RTP. The RTP lays out a long-range vision and strategy for directing investments in regional transportation. The TIP is a list of specific projects using RTP policies which are recommended by municipalities, road agencies, transit providers and the Michigan Department of Transportation for a 4 year period.

The 2022 Spring Amendment revises 31 different projects in the area, including many that may affect Livingston County motorists and commuters. In addition, there are 29 active projects whose implementation is moving outside the current TIP year range. Those projects will be folded into the upcoming TIP for 2023 through 2026.

See the amendment here: