By Mike Kruzman /

Public comment is being taken for the latest amendment to the Southeast Michigan Council of Government’s transportation plans, which includes 3 Livingston County projects.

SEMCOG is preparing its latest amendment to the Fiscal Year 2020-2023 Transportation Improvement Program, or TIP, and the 2045 Regional Transportation Plan, or RTP. The RTP lays out a long-range vision and strategy for directing investments in regional transportation. The TIP is a list of specific projects using RTP policies that are recommended by municipalities, road agencies, transit providers, and the Michigan Department of Transportation for a 4 year period.

The 2021 fall amendment revises 55 projects in SEMCOG’s 7 county region, including 3 in Livingston County.

One is for a reconstruction project on Whitmore Lake Road, one mile south of Maltby Road to Lee Road. That is scheduled to take place in 2022. Also scheduled for next year is a road rehabilitation project on US-23, north of Spencer Road to M-59, and north of Crouse Road to the south of Clyde Road. Finally, a 2023 road rehabilitation project for a left turn widening and traffic signal on Old-23 is scheduled.

Information on how to submit comments can be found through the link below.