The Southeastern Michigan Council of Governments has released its latest report on nonresidential construction in region.

SEMCOG’s 2018 Nonresidential Development Report is out and showing increases over 2017. The report takes into consideration completed construction, and construction projects underway in industrial, warehouse, retail, and office spaces. In whole, the 7 county region, which includes Livingston County, saw a 37% increase in completed construction projects last year accounting for 28-million square feet of floor space. SEMCOG Regional Development Planner Janet Mocadlo said Livingston County’s numbers are actually higher than the region average. Livingston County saw 1.3-million square feet of nonresidential construction, with all but 500,000 of that being completed. Mocadlo said this is a 43% increase for the county over 2017

SEMCOG Executive Director Kathleen Lomako said the numbers were encouraging in the sense that nonresidential construction is one of the factors analyzed to determine economic prosperity. Mocadlo said that early projections 2019 are positive, as well. She said that in addition to what is already under construction, there could be as many as 234 new projects starting, that will add nearly 13-million additional square feet of nonresidential floor space.

You can find the complete report at (MK)