A survey to gauge citizen perspectives on biking and pedestrian travel in and around Livingston County is live. The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG), with its partner organization, The Metropolitan Affairs Coalition (MAC) have launched the Pulse of the Region survey online. SEMCOG is using the survey to help gain a greater understanding of people’s walking and biking preferences, as well as thoughts on the availability and quality of related infrastructure and amenities throughout the 7 county region. Input will be developed into SEMCOG’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan for Southeast Michigan. It will also assist in coordinating and developing strategies for local mobility issues, and identify gaps in areas where people can’t walk or bike that will be reported back to the local communities.

SEMCOG Executive Director and MAC President Kathleen Lomako said that like driving, bicycle and pedestrian travel is a vital component of the region’s transportation system that can enhance quality of life and economic development.

Take the survey at https://semcogbicyclepedestrian.metroquest.com/ (MK)