Various local officials have been named to SEMCOG’s newly launched Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force.

In 2019, The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments will update the Bicycle and Pedestrian Travel Plan for Southeast Michigan. SEMCOG recently announced appointments to the newly formed Bicycle and Pedestrian Task Force which will ensure the regions bicycle and pedestrian system meets the transportation, quality-of-life, health, and accessibility needs of residents and visitors, as well as the economic development priorities and goals of the region and local communities. The Task Force will be charged with analyzing the region’s bicycle and pedestrian system – identifying priorities and assessing needs for connectivity, safety and accessibility among other items. Interactive maps, benchmarks and metrics will be established to help prioritize improvements at the local level and measure their impact at a regional scale.

A 74-member task force will oversee the process. The task force is comprised of representatives from SEMCOG member counties, communities, and intermediate school districts; road commissions; Michigan Department of Transportation; parks, recreation, and bicycling partners; and citizens. Detroit City Councilmember Scott Benson will serve as chair and Chelsea Mayor Melissa Johnson will serve as vice chair. Also appointed are Huron-Clinton Metroparks Manager of Planning Nina Kelly, Livingston County Principal Planner Scott Barb and Livingston County District 9 Commissioner Gary Childs, who co-owns a bicycle shop in South Lyon. At recent county committee meeting, Childs gave a brief report stating the task force held an initial meeting February 27th in downtown Detroit during some very inclement weather and expanded on goals to link different pathways throughout the region to expand walkability and bike-ability. It’s anticipated the task force will hold four more meetings over the next 12 months. A link is provided to a recent SEMCOG video that highlights the region’s recent accomplishments. (JM)