Outdoor enthusiasts will soon be able to preview and virtually travel down hundreds of miles of nearby trails.

Take a walk down a nature path or ride a boat down a river over the next couple of weeks and there’s a chance you may see camera operators capturing much of the region’s beauty around you. From July 8th through the 18th, the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, or SEMCOG, is partnering with Terrain360 to capture high definition imagery of nearly 700 miles of hiking, biking, and water trails in the area, according to mLive.com. When the project is completed, users will be able to go onto SEMCOG’s Southeast Michigan ParkFinder website or mobile app and find an experience akin to Google Street View.

Twenty miles of the Lakelands State Park Trail are scheduled to be a featured highlight from Livingston County. ParkFinder users will also be able to paddle down 140 miles of the Huron River Water Trail through parts of Livingston, Oakland, Washtenaw, and Wayne Counties. SEMCOG Director Kathleen Lomako is excited for this new feature to roll out, stating that she believes it will highlight the beauty and many recreational opportunities in the region, while giving enthusiasts the chance to prepare for new outdoor adventures.

Visit https://maps.semcog.org/ParkFinder/ search for any number of the 2,600 parks in SEMCOG’s 7 county district, filtered by location, size, amenities, and activities offered. (MK)