Today marks another Ozone Action Day – the third of the summer season.

The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments made the declaration as rising temperatures and increasing humidity could create heat indexes at or above 100 degrees and contribute to ozone formation. There is also potential for poor air quality on Friday as hot, muggy weather continues. SEMCOG Executive Director Kathleen Lomako says since the mid-1990s, air quality in Southeast Michigan has improved and that’s due, in part, to the actions that residents take on Ozone Action days. This is the 26th year of the voluntary program that encourages residents to take simple actions to help keep Southeast Michigan's air clean and voluntarily lower pollutant emissions. Some suggestions include reducing electricity use, avoid refueling vehicles and mowing the grass during daylight hours and delay or combine errands. In 2018, there were nine Ozone Action days and additional information is available on SEMCOG's website. That link is provided.

Meanwhile, forecasters say the heat wave that has been roasting much of the U.S. in recent days is just getting warmed up - with temperatures expected to soar to dangerous levels through the weekend. The National Weather Service says the heat wave will likely be "short and searing”. (JM)