By Jessica Mathews /

A new survey aims to gather residents’ perceptions of Southeast Michigan’s economy.

SEMCOG, the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments, and its partner organization, the Metropolitan Affairs Coalition (MAC), have launched the new survey. The responses will be compared with results from a similar survey in 2019 and aim to help guide planning efforts as the entities involved work on Southeast Michigan’s next comprehensive economic development strategy.

The survey is powered by Cobalt Community Research, a Michigan-based 501c3 nonprofit research coalition. It has a stated mission to provide research and educational tools that help schools, local governments, and other nonprofit member organizations thrive as changes emerge in the economic, demographic, and social landscape. Responses to the survey are anonymous.

SEMCOG Executive Director and MAC President Kathleen Lomako says COVID-19 has impacted everyone’s lives in many ways and continues to be a challenge for the local economy. She says the survey will help them understand changing perceptions – adding it will be important input into developing the region’s economic development strategy. A link to the survey is provided.