By Mike Kruzman /

SEMCOG’s latest survey will explore residents’ views on a popular topic of late: broadband internet.

The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments and the Metropolitan Affairs Coalition, or MAC, have launched their new Pulse of the Region Survey to gather resident perceptions on the access and importance of high-speed internet. SEMCOG Executive Director and MAC President Amy O’Leary said that “COVID-19 has accelerated the growth of high-speed internet as a tool for assessing services and opportunities. This survey will help us to continue growing our understanding of the role of broadband in daily life as well as challenges people may be experiencing.” The survey is 16 questions long, should only take a few minutes to complete, and is anonymous.

The survey comes as governmental bodies are receiving and exploring options for spending federal American Rescue Plan Act money, with increasing access to better internet being a popular consideration.

Coincidentally, Livingston County has also launched its own broadband survey that is still active and live for residents to take. Livingston County’s survey aims to gain a better picture from residents and business owners of who has the internet access they need, with the information being used to support internet expansion efforts and to aid the County in seeking grant funding to increase availability.

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