The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG) has released a report on developing talented workers in the region. SEMCOG, with their partner organization, the Metropolitan Affairs Coalition, have released Future Skills: Preparing for the Changing World of Work. In it, they include recommendations and actions necessary for strengthening Southeast Michigan’s Talent Development system.

The recommendations developed by the Future Skills Task Force are based on an overall goal of transforming the Talent Development System by building on existing talent assets and partnering with education, employers, workforce development, and government. They aim to develop, implement, and evaluate strategies that will promote both individual success and economic growth throughout the region.

Categories of recommendations are given, like how to create and promote a framework of lifelong living, building support for multiple career pathways, promoting collaboration between employers and education, and increasing labor force participation. Case studies for each of these categories are also provided.

SEMCOG Executive Director Kathleen Lomako said in a release that creating talent for the jobs of the future is critical to the region’s economic development, and this report will help with further developing effective strategies for doing so. A copy of the report can be found below. (MK)