By Jessica Mathews /

Input is being sought on development from communities across Southeast Michigan over the next five to ten years.

The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments or SEMCOG has begun the development of the 2050 Regional Forecast. It provides a long-term analysis of change in population, households, jobs, and land use for each community in the region.

The forecast is said to be a key component in developing the 2050 Regional Transportation Plan and supports regional and local planning in the areas of transportation, air and water quality, and community and economic development.

Communities throughout the seven-county region that includes Livingston use the forecast results in planning for future infrastructure and development needs. Officials say the 2050 Regional Forecast needs the best possible local data to establish the most accurate future development trends in communities. Expected development projects are said to be a direct input to the forecast and a primary driver of change over the first ten years of the forecast.

SEMCOG staff has compiled an extensive list of reported future development projects in the region and they say they rely on community leaders to help them further understand each area’s future growth potential.

SEMCOG is requesting input from local governments on the various trends and expectations of residential and non-residential development in their respective communities over the next five to ten years. SEMCOG staff will be reaching out to various communities to review development expectations and make sure their future growth projections are included in the 2050 forecast.

More information is available through the provided link.