Motorists are sharing the road with an ever increasing amount of motorcycle riders, and the public is being reminded to “Look Twice, Save a Life”.

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month but Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson says safety should be at the forefront year round. Riding offers a sense of freedom for many, and Johnson says it’s important that all motorcyclists are properly licensed and have completed safety courses.

Johnson tells WHMI there are just under 500,000 people that ride motorcycles in Michigan, so people need to look for them. She says it’s easy for them to get in the blind spots of a vehicle, noting that a lot of accidents occur when people are pulling out and not paying attention. Johnson says motorcyclists also need extra room so don’t ride on their bumper.

For the 10% of people who don’t get their motorcycle endorsement, which is the law, Johnson urges them to do so. She says classes teach riders how to fall correctly but also evade accidents, among other important safety aspects. Classes are held all over the state but Johnson says they’re actually looking for more instructors because more people are taking up motorcycling.

Johnson stressed that she’s very careful when she rides and hopes that motorists are also being careful and watching for smaller vehicles on the road, especially during the summer. (JM)