The search inside the GM Proving Grounds in Milford has ended for a stubborn dog that seemed to be surviving despite the elements.

Rex the pug went missing from his home near Commerce and Hickory Ridge roads on Halloween but had been spotted several times since then inside the massive track complex where GM puts test vehicles through the paces. Rex’s owner, Annette Jones, told WHMI that despite the cold snap and heavy snow earlier this month, there was evidence that Rex was still roaming the complex which spans both Milford and Brighton townships. A dog tracker was allowed onto the grounds and placed live traps, feeding stations and trail cams.

And while there was some initial evidence that Rex was still there, Jones now says the search has ended after no further sign of Rex has turned up in the last two weeks. She now hopes that perhaps he was able to escape from the grounds and could be surviving in the surrounding area. Jones says if anyone does spot Rex, they shouldn’t try and approach him, but instead take a picture of him and note his location and then contact her. (JK)