By Mike Kruzman /

A site plan has been approved for a new drive-through coffee shop in Brighton.

Scooter’s Coffee has over 350 stores in 21 states, soon to be 22, as franchisee Brian Bender is set bring Michigan’s first location to Brighton. Their current closest location is in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Bender was before City Council last week for site plan approval. He said that he was in town skiing with his kid, and was frustrated with how long the line was at a would-be competitor’s.

Bender shared insights with how Scooter’s chooses locations, saying that they like to look at well their competitors are doing. He pointed out that of the 113 Starbucks in Michigan, the Brighton location is 9th in foot traffic. Bender and the team felt that even with their presence, McDonald’s and Dunkin nearby, there is still a need that Scooter’s can fill.

The coffee shop will be located at 910 West Grand River, near Qdoba. The building will be a 694-square-foot building with drive-through-only service.

Despite having a small lot, elevation problems, and wetland concerns, Community Development manager Mike Caruso said everything came together rapidly and all requirements have been met. City Council approved the site plan unanimously, with mayor Shawn Pipoly saying he looks forward to having Scooter’s in the community.