Amid accusations of using misusing official resources for campaign purposes, Attorney General Bill Schuette is keeping up a brisk pace with just days left before Tuesday’s primary will determine which Republican will advance to the General Election in November.

Schuette was in Brighton Friday, taking part in a “grassroots lunch” at his campaign’s Livingston County Field Office. It was one of four stops that took him from Saginaw through Flint and Brighton and ending the day in Owosso. It came as accusations from his main rival, Lt. Governor Brian Calley, heated up with Calley alleging Schuette was covering up his use of taxpayer resources with the revelation that he met with staff members in the AG’s Detroit office in July of 2015 to discuss the Republican National Convention the following year.

Schuette told WHMI such attacks were purely political and he remained focused on winning the GOP nomination on Tuesday. "These are desperation antics and the fact remains that wherever I go people are talking about auto insurance rates, they like the fact I want to eliminate the Granholm income tax increase. The big issue in this campaign is that President Trump supports me, Bill Schuette, for governor because he knows I'll cut taxes in Michigan like he's cut taxes in America and my main opponent has abandoned President Trump and as a result most Republicans have abandoned him."

Schuette’s spokeswoman says the meeting in Detroit was to plan remarks he would deliver in “his official capacity” as attorney general and that a woman who usually works as his political fundraiser was there strictly as a logistics volunteer. Schuette, who remains ahead in most polls, says he is not concerned that the issues raised by Calley and others will harm him politically should he win on Tuesday.

Calley is endorsed by Governor Rick Snyder, who has said the accusations "suggesting state facilities were used for political purposes raise some troubling questions about the Attorney General and the need for further review." (JK)