A proposed assessment for property owners on School Lake in Brighton Township is on hold, after the petition lost support from some residents that had already signed it.

A public hearing regarding the proposed Aquatic Special Assessment District (SAD) was held during the Brighton Township’s Board of Trustees meeting Monday. The SAD covered services related to the management and control of plants, fish and wildlife in School Lake at an annual cost of $165 per developed parcel for five years. The Residents of School Lake committee was able to garner support for the SAD, which was indicated through the petitions that represented 66.96% of the lake’s total acreage. 66% or more is required for the petitions to be considered by the township.

A number of residents spoke at the SAD’s public hearing, with a somewhat equal amount of those for and against it. A handful of residents opposing the measure claimed they were never contacted by petitioners, while others took issue with how the assessment was apportioned. One of the main objectives for the SAD was to collect revenue for weed control on the lake- another issue that caused dissent among the group. Several residents questioned what kind of chemicals were in the weed control and whether they were harmful.

The questions caused two residents that had already signed the petition to rescind their support, making the petitions insufficient for board consideration. Trustees ultimately decided to table the issue until organizers could bring petitions forward that met the 66% requirement. The board gave organizers a year from the day they first started collecting signatures to gather the remainder, making this October their deadline. (DK)