School district leaders are working together to improve student achievement and growth in Livingston County.

The members of the Curriculum and Instruction Council are superintendents and curriculum directors from Brighton, Fowlerville, Hartland, Howell and the Pinckney school districts, with representatives from the Livingston Educational Service Agency (LESA) including Mike Hubert, Doug Haseley, Sean LaRosa and Jonathan Tobar. The purpose of the Curriculum and Instruction Council is ultimately “to inspire synergies amongst its members that will lead to improved student achievement and growth”.

At a recent LESA Board of Education meeting, LaRosa and Tobar provided an update of what the Council has been up to.
To date, they have identified countywide priorities for the Council, agreed upon the professional learning delivery model for Essential Instructional Practices in Early and Elementary Literacy for kindergarten through third grade, and named Social Emotional Learning as a K-12 countywide priority. LaRosa also reports the Council has had success in creating an allocation plan for an increased K-3 coaching grant for the next fiscal year.

The Council’s next moves are to plan K-3 literacy professional learning, identify and contract with literacy coaches, and create a countywide vision for social emotional learning. LaRosa says the Council’s goal is to serve all students in Livingston County, and make sure that districts are not competing with one another, but instead completing each other. (DK)

Photos courtesy of the Curriculum and Instruction Council.