The Salvation Army of Livingston County is requesting the gift of time this weekend.

The Red Kettle season is the Salvation Army’s largest fund raiser bringing in 1/3 of the non-profit’s budget to provide programs and services for the next year. Officials say the red kettles are a crucial part of fundraising efforts and if they don’t have enough volunteers to man the kettles, then they hire bell ringers, because an unmanned kettle brings no funds at all.

During this Giving Week, the Salvation Army is asking for the gift of time to help meet a goal that has never been accomplished before - a day with 100% volunteers. Officials say they are very close to making that happen this Saturday and need just a handful of people to help meet that goal. If that happens, they say there will be over 400 volunteers helping the Salvation Army provide hope. Those interested in ringing a bell this weekend can sign up online through the link provided. (JM)