The GM Proving Grounds in Milford have an intruder, but employees seem more concerned for his safety than the loss of any corporate secrets.

Rex the pug went missing from his home near Commerce and Hickory Ridge roads on Halloween but has been spotted several times since inside the massive track complex where GM puts test vehicles through the paces. Rex’s owner, Annette Jones, told The Milford Times that despite fairly tight security at the complex which spans both Milford and Brighton townships, officials have let her inside twice to search for Rex. It’s believed the 25 pound dog slipped in underneath one of the gates. On one of the trips, Jones said she came within 20 feet of Rex, but he ran off back into the woods.

She told the paper that he has eluded capture despite her leaving out some of his favorite foods including a McDonald’s cheeseburger and fries, but speculated he may be surviving on grasshoppers and rabbits. She says that GM security and staff have been very cooperative and are keeping an eye out for Rex.