Round Elementary School in Hartland is getting some new playground equipment.

An update was provided during the Board of Education’s virtual April meeting. Director of Operations and Transportation Matt Marino told board members the Round Elementary PTO group is looking to upgrade playground equipment at the school. Marino said they’ll be removing a tether ball or single pole ball apparatus and replacing it with a larger piece then what’s currently there. He noted the PTO has raised funds over the last couple of years and has funds available for the large piece of equipment they want to replace. Marino said the project will come with a little bit of site work, which the PTO is contributing to and paying for. A location was selected for the new piece of equipment to meet needs but also not change the overall efficiency of the playground layout.

It’s an 18-sided aluminum climber with a maze of nets intertwined inside. It’s 12-feet tall and 12-feet wide and the internal nets are said to provide a challenging climbing experience, with multiple routes of travel throughout the structure. Marino said installation and other work would be done sometime over the summer or as soon as everyone is able once the stay home order is lifted. Once the order is placed, it will take 4-5 weeks to arrive and then two or three days for installation. The cost for the OmniTri Net was $27,302 through Game Time Equipment. Since the amount exceeds certain thresholds, the item can’t be purchased without board approval. That’s anticipated at the next school board meeting May 11th.