Stories celebrating the women who entered the workforce to help with World War II efforts will be shared at an upcoming event in Brighton.

The image of Rosie the Riveter and the words “We Can Do It” helped inspire female workers across the country to enter the workforce in support of American troops. By 1943, there more than 300,000 women working in the aircraft industry, accounting for 65% of the total workforce. Donnaleen Lanktree is the daughter of a Rosie and past president of the American Rosie the Riveter Association. On Monday, May 7th, from 7pm until 8, she will give a special presentation at the Brighton District Library. Lanktree will read stories she collected from her time as president, taking attendees back in time to hear in the Rosies’ own words the experiences they had and shared with each other. Lanktree believes these women laid a strong foundation for not only their own daughters, but generations of women since.

Lanktree said the Rosies are an inspiration, as many who began as unskilled housewives would rise above their ability to do what needed to be done and accomplish many things. More information on Rosie the Riveter and the event can be found at the Brighton District Library. Those wishing to register can do so by calling the Library at 810-229-6571. (MK)