Two roads in Brighton Township rated in poor condition will soon see repairs.

Asphalt rehabilitation will occur on 2.5 miles of Culver Road, from Spencer to Pleasant Valley Road, as well as the stretch of Pleasant Valley Road between Kensington and Hyne Road. Brighton Township’s Board of Trustees on Monday approved a funding agreement with the Livingston County Road Commission. The agreement calls for the township to pay $650,000 for the Culver Road project, while the township will evenly split the $220,000 project cost with the Road Commission for the Pleasant Valley Road repairs.

The township’s Board of Trustees selected the chosen roads based on their pavement PASER rating. The PASER scale rates the road’s asphalt surface from one to 10, with one being in “failed” condition to 10 being considered as “excellent”. Road rehabilitation tends to have varying degrees in terms of the extent of the work, like complete reconstruction to create a brand new road as opposed to a temporary solution. Vick says the township is taking the interim approach to these projects, which will include milling off certain portions and laying new asphalt. He estimates that to be a seven to 10 year fix.

Township Manager Brian Vick says there are plans for a third project, in which the township will work with the Road Commission to repair a culvert on the north end of Pleasant Valley Road. Vick says funding has been placed in the township’s budget in hopes of undertaking the work this year, however they are still waiting on some paperwork for the Road Commission. Vick says the goal is to have that in place next month so the Board of Trustees can take action to move the project forward. (DK)