Voters in the Village of Milford cast ballots for two proposed charter amendments on Tuesday. The larger of the two was approved while the other was close but ultimately defeated.

Voters approved Charter Amendment 2, which alters a 20-year-road millage earlier adopted by voters. Village Manager Christian Wuerth tells WHMI the approval lowers the road millage for the next four years and then extends it out for an additional ten years. He says it will generate a little over $4 (m) million in revenue for roads to be maintained.

Wuerth says since 2013, the Village has had another road millage in effect and this approval will alter that. When asked about the support, Wuerth said he thinks residents have had an opportunity to see how the current millage funds have been used to date. Through discussions for this proposal, Wuerth says they were able to talk about potential projects that could happen with this millage and some things that could be done moving forward to step up and continue to maintain the roads appropriately.

Meanwhile, voters turned down Charter Amendment 1 that would have increased the pay of elected Village Council members. It has remained at $7.50 per meeting since the adoption of the current Village Charter by voters in 1958. The change cannot be done via a vote by Council, only voters. (JM)