Residents in one Hartland Township community will soon be getting what they asked for- road improvements.

A second public hearing was held Wednesday night for residents in the Bullard Lake Woods Road area. Residents came to the township asking for a road improvements that would include Erika Street, Joshua Lane, and Pamela Court. They petitioned the township with 83% of the signatures required from the 36 parcels that will become part of the special assessment district. The project will cost just short of $166,000 in total. Residents will pay a 10-year annual assessment with no interest of $460 each year.

Hartland Township Public Works Director Bob West said there were drainage concerns in the area where water is not going into the proper ditches, but instead into driveways. This project will correct that. Neil Burnett lives on Erika Street and is the president of the homeowner’s association. He said that drainage is a big issue and he’s glad to see it addressed. When he asked about non-functioning culverts under driveways, West said that any in dire need of replacement will be fixed. If driveways are torn up from this process, Burnett wanted to make sure that concrete would be replaced with concrete, and asphalt with asphalt. West said that would be the case.

The Board of Trustees unanimously voted to confirm the assessment roll for the SAD. A 30 day period for dispute is now open. The project is expected to take place next summer. (MK)