The Road Commission for Oakland County has launched a new web page to engage children from all over with concepts about road safety.

The Kid Zone is the newest page on the Road Commission’s website, created to encourage an appreciation of safety at an early age. It aims to familiarize kids with concepts related to road construction, maintenance, and safety. Road Commission Public Information Officer Craig Bryson tells WHMI it’s a fun way to provide both information and some entertainment for kids to get them thinking about these important issues so they hope people will take advantage of it. He says they want kids to be aware of safety factors around road construction sites, traffic, crosswalk signals, when crossing a road or roundabout and what to be aware of when around a construction zone or a snow plow - all of the things that could potentially impact a child related to roads and road maintenance.

In the Kid Zone, children can find informational videos on road safety and bike safety, while also learning songs that teach about traffic lights and cardinal directions. There are also two activity books available in PDF form. One is filled with word searches and crossword puzzles related to traffic signs. The other is dedicated to roundabout safety. As roundabouts become more popular and present in our communities, this guide teaches kids how to properly navigate the circular intersections on foot and by bike.

You can find the Kid Zone under the “Residents” tab on the Road Commission’s website (, or by following the direct link, which is provided. (MK/JM)