The Road Commission Oakland County is imploring motorists to pay attention and slow down after a car plowed through another work zone.

Officials say for the third time in less than a month, an incident on Friday involved a careless driver who put road commission employees at risk while working near a busy road. Friday’s incident took place on M-59 east of Williams Lake Road in Waterford Township. Officials say fortunately no one was hurt but a car drove into the barreled-off work zone, scattering barrels but luckily missing staff and equipment.

This follows an incident this past Wednesday in which a driver slammed into a Road Commission pickup truck on M-5 in Farmington Hills causing the truck to flip over and sending two road commission employees to the hospital. One remains hospitalized. Officials say on August 20th, a semi plowed into the back of a road commission truck in a work zone on I-96 near Milford Road in Lyon Township.

The Road Commission is imploring motorists to slow down and be aware that there are men and women in the work zones, adding when driving, it is imperative drivers watch their surroundings and slow down in work zones. Officials say working near traffic is a difficult job, and the last thing they want to see is road workers put at risk by careless drivers. (JM)