By Jessica Mathews /

Multiple road closures are scheduled throughout in July and August in Highland and Milford Townships.

The Road Commission for Oakland County has approved a permit allowing Consumers Energy to close multiple roads in succession throughout Milford, Highland, Rose and Waterford Townships for a pipeline replacement project beginning Tuesday, July 7th. The construction is a part of a four-phase, $610 (m) million Consumers Energy project to modernize the Saginaw Trail Pipeline. The project started in 2017 and is expected to be finished in 2021. Consumers Energy is replacing 78 miles of 1940’s pipeline with 94.4 miles of newly installed pipeline to help move natural gas more quickly, safely and efficiently. Oakland County is part of phase four which includes 28.2 miles of construction.

Each road is expected to be closed for less than a week. The entire project is expected to be completed by mid-August. During the all of the closures, pedestrian and business access will be maintained. The roads included are:

Demode Road between Fish Lake Road and Hickory Ridge Road in Rose Township (July 7-10)

Rattalee Lake Road between Fish Lake Road and Ledgestone in Rose Township (July 7-10)

Watkins Boulevard west of Milford Road in Highland Township (July 8-15)

Munger Road between Fish Lake Road and Buckhorn Lake Road in Rose Township (July 14-17)

Wardlow Road between North Milford Road and North Hickory Ridge Road in Highland Township (July 18-22)

Lone Tree Road between Rowe Road and Milford Road in Highland Township (July 23-27)

Rowe Road between Milford Road and Lone Tree Road in Highland Township (July 28-31)

Dawson Road between South Garner Road and Martindale Road in Milford Township (Aug. 1-5)

Buno Road between Milford Road and Huron River Parkway in Milford Township (Aug. 6-10)

Maple Road west of Milford Road in Milford Township (Aug. 11-14)