Rickett Road reopened this morning after a sewer line ruptured on June 29th, exactly three weeks ago, which in turn caused a portion of the pavement nearby to buckle. The sewer line and road were to have been repaired and reopened to traffic before now, but unforeseen problems led to various delays.

City Dept. of Public Works Director Marcel Goch tells WHMI it’s been a hassle the last few weeks for motorists who use the road, and he thanks them for their patience. Rickett Road was closed from Sisu Knoll Drive to Oak Ridge Drive during the period for the emergency repairs, which required taking about $200,000 from the utility emergency fund to bring in an outside contractor to make the repairs.

The sewer main where the rupture occurred is one of several old mains which date back to 1938. Due to the age of some of the city’s sewer and water lines, another break could occur in the near future anywhere in the system. However, Goch says when and where that might happen is hard to predict.